WD8KOB – Rod

QSL- Received101

Madison, West Virginia, USA

West Virginia

The flag of West Virginia was adopted on March 7, 1929.  The flag contains a white field with a blue border and the state`s coat of arms in the center.  The white field represents purity and the blue symbolizes the Union.  On the coat of arms there is a depiction of a farmer to the left and a minor to the right of a large ivy draped rock with the date June 20, 1863, which was the date West Virginia became a state in the Union.  In front of the rock there are two rifles on top of a cap of liberty.  Below is a red ribbon with the state motto “Montani Semper Liberi” (Mountaineers Are Always Free).  On the sides of the coat of arms is a wreath of rhododendron, the state flower.

West Virginia

The nickname for West Virginia is The Mountain State.

Thanx - Red


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