N4OTZ – Russel

QSL- Received284

Universal City, Texas


The flag of Texas contains two horizontal strips coloured white and red with a vertical strip on the hoist coloured blue. In the center of the blue band is a “Lone Star”. The blue on the flag represents loyalty, the white on the flag symbolizes purity and the red represents bravery. The flag was first introduced by the Congress of the Republic of Texas on December 28, 1838 and was adopted as the national flag of Texas on January 25, 1839. When Texas became a state of the United States on December 29, 1845 it then became the state flag. Until 1933 Texas not adopted the flag officially as a state flag.


The nickname The Lone Star State originates from the star on the 1836 flag of the Republic of Texas. The world-famous “Lone Star” is also found on the Texas flag, the great seal, the state commemorative quarter, and is recognized as the official state gemstone cut of Texas.

Thanx - Red


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