Faroe Islands

Overseas Territories

Despite the rapid process of global decolonization since World War II, around eight million people in more than 50 territories around the world continue to live under the protection of France, Australia, Denmark, the Netherlands,

Norway, New Zealand, the UK, or the USA. These remnants of former colonial empires may have persisted for economic, strategic, or political reasons and are administered by the protecting country in a variety of ways.

The Faeroe Islands have been under Danish administration since Queen Margreth I of Denmark inherited Norway in 1380. The Home Rule Act of 1948 gave the Faeroese control over all their internal affairs. Greenland first came under Danish rule in 1380. Denmark remains responsible for the island’s foreign affairs.

TotalArea (sq. miles): 540

Total Population: 49,962

Capital City: Caracas

Currency: Danish krone (DKK)

Languages: Faroese, Danish

Farming (top 5 products): Milk, potatoes, vegetables, sheep, salmon

Natural Resources: Fish, whales, hydroelectric power

Status: Self-governing Danish territory

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