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Collecting QSL Cards

After communicating with another amateur (especially someone in a foreign country) it is customary to send a QSL Card, which is a postcard-sized card with information about yourself and your station, and details of the QSO such as the date, time, frequency, mode and the callsign of the station worked. Many amateurs take a great deal of pride in their QSL cards, which are works of art. As well as being something to display and a nice reminder of the contact, QSL Cards are often required if you wish to claim a contact for an award (see here).

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QSL- Received52 QSL- Received51b QSL- Received51a QSL- Received50 QSL- Received49 QSL- Received48 QSL- Received47 QSL- Received46 QSL- Received45 QSL- Received40 QSL- Received41 QSL- Received42 QSL- Received43 QSL- Received44 QSL- Received39 QSL- Received38 QSL- Received37 QSL- Received36 QSL- Received35 QSL- Received30 QSL- Received31 QSL- Received32 QSL- Received33 QSL- Received34 QSL- Received25 QSL- Received26 QSL- Received27 QSL- Received28 QSL- Received29 QSL- Received24 QSL- Received23 QSL- Received22 QSL- Received21 QSL- Received20 QSL- Received15 QSL- Received16 QSL- Received17 QSL- Received18 QSL- Received19 QSL- Received14 QSL- Received13 QSL- Received12 QSL- Received11 QSL- Received10 QSL- Received5 QSL- Received7QSL- Received4 QSL- Received8QSL- Received9 1. Current QSL TemplateQSL- Received54QSL- Received3QSL- Received55QSL- Received1QSL- Received53QSL- Received56QSL- Received2QSL- Received57QSL- Received58QSL- Received59QSL- Received61QSL- Received62QSL- Received63QSL- Received64QSL- Received66QSL- Received65QSL- Received67QSL- Received68QSL- Received69QSL- Received70 QSL- Received71QSL- Received72QSL- Received73QSL- Received74QSL- Received75QSL- Received76QSL- Received77QSL- Received78QSL- Received79QSL- Received80QSL- Received81QSL- Received82QSL- Received83QSL- Received84QSL- Received85QSL- Received86QSL- Received87QSL- Received88QSL- Received89QSL- Received90QSL- Received91QSL- Received92QSL- Received93QSL- Received94QSL- Received95QSL- Received96QSL- Received97QSL- Received98QSL- Received99QSL- Received101 QSL- Received102QSL- Received103QSL- Received104 QSL- Received105 QSL- Received106QSL- Received107QSL- Received108QSL- Received109QSL- Received110QSL- Received111QSL- Received112QSL- Received113QSL- Received114QSL- Received115QSL- Received116QSL- Received118QSL- Received117QSL- Received119QSL- Received120QSL- Received121QSL- Received122QSL- Received123QSL- Received124QSL- Received125QSL- Received126QSL- Received127QSL- Received128QSL- Received129 QSL- Received130 QSL- Received131 QSL- Received132QSL- Received133QSL- Received135QSL- Received136QSL- Received137QSL- Received138QSL- Received139QSL- Received140QSL- Received141QSL- Received142QSL- Received143QSL- Received144QSL- Received145 QSL- Received146 QSL- Received147QSL- Received148QSL- Received149QSL- Received150QSL- Received151QSL- Received153QSL- Received154QSL- Received152QSL- Received155QSL- Received156QSL- Received157QSL- Received158QSL- Received159QSL- Received160QSL- Received161QSL- Received162QSL- Received163QSL- Received164QSL- Received165QSL- Received166QSL- Received167QSL- Received168QSL- Received169QSL- Received170QSL- Received171QSL- Received172QSL- Received173QSL- Received174QSL- Received175QSL- Received176QSL- Received177QSL- Received179 QSL- Received181 QSL- Received182QSL- Received180QSL- Received183QSL- Received184QSL- Received185QSL- Received186 QSL- Received187 QSL- Received188 QSL- Received189 QSL- Received190QSL- Received191QSL- Received192QSL- Received193QSL- Received195QSL- Received196QSL- Received197QSL- Received198QSL- Received199QSL- Received200QSL- Received201QSL- Received202QSL- Received203QSL- Received204QSL- Received206QSL- Received205QSL- Received207QSL- Received208QSL- Received209QSL- Received210QSL- Received211QSL- Received212QSL- Received213QSL- Received214QSL- Received215QSL- Received216 QSL- Received217 QSL- Received218QSL- Received220QSL- Received219QSL- Received221 QSL- Received222QSL- Received225 QSL- Received226 QSL- Received227 QSL- Received228QSL- Received223QSL- Received224QSL- Received229 QSL- Received230 QSL- Received231QSL- Received232QSL- Received233QSL- Received234QSL- Received235 QSL- Received236 QSL- Received237 QSL- Received238QSL- Received239 QSL- Received240QSL- Received241 QSL- Received242 QSL- Received243 QSL- Received244QSL- Received245 QSL- Received246QSL- Received247QSL- Received248QSL- Received249QSL- Received250 QSL- Received251 QSL- Received252QSL- Received253 QSL- Received254 QSL- Received255QSL- Received256 QSL- Received257QSL- Received258QSL- Received259QSL- Received260QSL- Received261 QSL- Received262 QSL- Received263 QSL- Received264QSL- Received265QSL- Received268QSL- Received266QSL- Received267QSL- Received269 QSL- Received270 QSL- Received271 QSL- Received272QSL- Received273QSL- Received274QSL- Received276QSL- Received275QSL- Received277QSL- Received281QSL- Received280 QSL- Received282 QSL- Received283QSL- Received278QSL- Received284QSL- Received285QSL- Received286QSL- Received287QSL- Received288 QSL- Received289QSL- Received290QSL- Received291QSL- Received292 QSL- Received293 QSL- Received294QSL- Received295 QSL- Received296QSL- Received297QSL- Received298QSL- Received299 QSL- Received300 QSL- Received301QSL- Received302 QSL- Received303 QSL- Received304 QSL- Received305 QSL- Received306 QSL- Received307QSL- Received308QSL- Received309QSL- Received310 QSL- Received311QSL- Received309QSL- Received313QSL- Received314QSL- Received315 QSL- Received316QSL- Received317QSL- Received318 QSL- Received319QSL- Received320QSL- Received321QSL- Received322QSL- Received323QSL- Received324 QSL- Received325QSL- Received326QSL- Received327QSL- Received329QSL- Received328QSL- Received330QSL- Received331 QSL- Received332QSL- Received333QSL- Received334 QSL- Received335 QSL- Received336QSL- Received337 QSL- Received338QSL- Received339QSL- Received340QSL- Received341QSL- Received342QSL- Received343 QSL- Received344QSL- Received345QSL- Received346QSL- Received347 QSL- Received348 QSL- Received349 QSL- Received350QSL- Received351QSL- Received352QSL- Received353QSL- Received354QSL- Received355QSL- Received356QSL- Received357 QSL- Received358 QSL- Received359 QSL- Received360 QSL- Received361QSL- Received362QSL- Received363QSL- Received364QSL- Received365QSL- Received366 QSL- Received367 QSL- Received368 QSL- Received369 QSL- Received370QSL- Received372 QSL- Received371QSL- Received373 QSL- Received374QSL- Received376 QSL- Received375QSL- Received378 QSL- Received377QSL- Received379QSL- Received380 QSL- Received381 QSL- Received382QSL- Received383 QSL- Received384 QSL- Received3850b. ReminderQSL- Received386 QSL- Received388QSL- Received392 QSL- Received391 QSL- Received389 QSL- Received390QSL- Received393 QSL- Received394QSL- Received395QSL- Received396QSL- Received397QSL- Received398 QSL- Received399QSL- Received400QSL- Received401 QSL- Received403QSL- Received402QSL- Received404QSL- Received405QSL- Received406 QSL- Received407QSL- Received408QSL- Received409QSL- Received410 QSL- Received411QSL- Received412QSL- Received413 QSL- Received414QSL- Received415QSL- Received416QSL- Received417QSL- Received418QSL- Received422QSL- Received419 QSL- Received423 QSL- Received421 QSL- Received420QSL- Received425QSL- Received426 QSL- Received427 QSL- Received428QSL- Received430QSL- Received429QSL- Received431QSL- Received432 QSL- Received435 QSL- Received434 QSL- Received433QSL- Received436QSL- Received437QSL- Received440QSL- Received441QSL- Received443 QSL- Received442QSL- Received444 QSL- Received445QSL- Received446QSL- Received447QSL- Received448QSL- Received449QSL- Received450QSL- Received451QSL- Received452 QSL- Received453 QSL- Received454 QSL- Received455 QSL- Received456 QSL- Received457 QSL- Received458 QSL- Received459QSL- Received460QSL- Received439QSL- Received464 QSL- Received463 QSL- Received462 QSL- Received461QSL- Received466QSL- Received467QSL- Received468QSL- Received470QSL- Received469 QSL- Received471 QSL- Received472 QSL- Received473 QSL- Received474QSL- Received475QSL- Received476QSL- Received478QSL- Received479 QSL- Received480 QSL- Received481QSL- Received482QSL- Received438QSL- Received486QSL- Received487QSL- Received488QSL- Received489QSL- Received484QSL- Received424QSL- Received490QSL- Received491QSL- Received492QSL- Received493QSL- Received494QSL- Received495QSL- Received465QSL- Received496QSL- Received497QSL- Received498QSL- Received499QSL- Received501QSL- Received503QSL- Received502QSL- Received504QSL- Received505QSL- Received500QSL- Received506QSL- Received507QSL- Received508QSL- Received509QSL- Received510QSL- Received511QSL- Received512QSL- Received513QSL- Received514QSL- Received515QSL- Received516QSL- Received517QSL- Received518QSL- Received519QSL- Received520QSL- Received521QSL- Received522QSL- Received523QSL- Received524QSL- Received525QSL- Received526QSL- Received527QSL- Received530QSL- Received531 QSL- Received533 QSL- Received532QSL- Received529QSL- Received534QSL- Received536QSL- Received537

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