232-HS-115 – Humphrey

QSL- Received8

San Nicolaas, Aruba


Aruba’s flag was adopted on March 18, 1976. The flag’s colors are a field of blue and two narrow parallel, horizontal yellow strips toward the bottom. On the Canton there is a four pointed red star with a white border. The blue field symbolizes the sea, the sky, peace, hope and Aruba`s future and past. Each of the yellow strips have their own significance. One represents the flow of tourists to sunny Aruba, enriching the island along with the vacationers. The other line represents the minerals gold and phosphates in the past and petroleum in the 20th Century. Besides the sun and gold, the yellow also is believed to represent the Wanglo flowers. The four pointed star has several meanings. The four points represent the people of Aruba origins and the four main languages which are Spanish, English, Dutch and Papiamento. The star also represents the island itself and the red soil bordered by white sand beaches in the blue sea. The red also stands for the bloodshed of the Arubans during war, past Indian inhabitants and patriotic love. The white also represents purity and honesty.

Thanx - Red



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