Part of the plateau of the Ardennes in western Europe, Luxembourg is one of Europe’s richest states. A tax haven and banking center, it is also home to key EU institutions.

Geography: Dense Ardennes forests in the north, with a low, open plateau to the south. Undulating terrain throughout.

 Climate: The climate is moist, with warm summers and mild winters. Snow is common only in the Ardennes.

 People & Society: Ethnic tensions are rare, despite a large proportion of foreigners (over a third of residents). Integration has been straightforward; most are fellow western Europeans and Catholics, mainly from Italy and Portugal. Low unemployment and high salaries promote stability. Divorce rates are rising and marriage is becoming less common.

 The Economy; Traditional industries such as steelmaking have given way to the banking and service sectors. Low taxes and banking secrecy laws attract foreign investors.

 Insight: Luxembourg’s capital is home to around 2000 investment funds and over 150 banks


 Official Name: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

 Date Of Formation: 1867

 Capital: Luxembourg-Ville

 Population: 486,200

 Total Area: 998 sq. miles (2586 sq. km)

 Density: 487 people per sq. mile

 Languages: Luxembourgish*, German*, French*

 Religions: Roman Catholic 97%, Jewish, Greek Orthodox, and Protestant 3%

 Ethnic Mix: Luxembourger 62%, foreign residents 38%

 Government: Parliamentary system

 Currency: Euro = 100 cents

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