N7SWP – Steve

QSL- Received371

South Jordan, Utah. (USA)


The Flag of the State of Utah contains a dark blue field with the Seal of Utah in the center encircled by a golden circle.  On the seal there is a bald eagle which is the national bird of the US and represents the Protection of America.  In the eagles talons are some arrows that stand for courage.  Also depicted in the seal is a sego lily which is the state flower.  The inscription “Industry” along with the beehive symbolizes progress, hard work and community.   The two US flags symbolize Utah’s loyalty to the US and the date 1847 stands for the year when Brigham Young led the first Mormons into the State.  1896 was the year that Utah became a State in the United States.

Sego Lily2

The nickname for Utah is The Beehive State. A beehive appears on Utah’s flag and state   seal, the state insect is the honeybee, Utah recognizes the beehive cluster as the state’s  astronomical symbol, and the beehive is the official state emblem.

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