VA6BH – Bernard

QSL- Received309

Cold Lake, Alberta. Canada


In 1968, the Alberta government authorized the design of an official flag. On 1 June 1968, the flag of Alberta, Canada, was adopted. The flag has the proportions 1:2, with the provincial shield of arms in the centre of a royal ultramarine blue background. The shield’s height is 7⁄11 that of the flag’s height. The provincial colours, adopted in 1984, are blue and gold (deep yellow); they are also referred to as “Alberta blue” and “Alberta gold”, appearing on the flag/shield in the sky/background and wheat background, respectively.

Nicknames for Alberta:

  • “Wild Rose Country”
  • “The Princess Province”
  • “The Energy Province”
  • “The Sunshine Province”
  • “Oilberta”
  • “Texas North”

Thanx - Red


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