2-HS-9312 – Roy

QSL- Received267

Montgomery, Alabama  (USA)


The flag of Alabama has a white field with a crimson cross of St. Andrew.  But it is believed that the cross was made to resemble the blue saltire of the Confederate Battle Flag.  The flags origin is owed to the Cross of Burgundy Flag used by the Spanish in New Spain.  The Spanish brought the flag during the American Revolution in the Battle for Mobile, after the British attempted to drive out the Spanish from Louisiana.

Northern flicker

Alabama does not have an official nickname, but has been known as The Yellowhammer State since the civil war when a company of Alabama soldiers wore uniforms trimmed with yellow cloth and were nicknamed Yellowhammers. “Yellowhammer” is the common name given to the Northern flicker woodpecker (also the state bird of Alabama) because of the bright yellow feathers beneath its wings and tail.

Other Nicknames:

  • The Cotton State
  • The Heart of Dixie

Thanx - Red


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