San Marino

San Marino

Perched on the slopes of Monte Titano in the Italian Appennines, San Marino has  maintained its independence since the 4th century CE, but Italy effectively controls most  of its affairs.

Geography: Distinctive limestone outcrop of Monte Titano dominates wooded hills and pastures near Italy’s Adriatic coast.

 Climate: High altitude and sea breezes moderate a Mediterranean climate. Hot summers and cool, wet winters.

 People andSociety: Territory is divided into nine “castles,” or districts. Tightly knit society, with 16 centuries of tradition. Strict immigration rules require 30-year residence before applying for citizenship. Living standards are similar to those in northern Italy.  About 20,000 Sammarinesi live abroad, most in Italy.

 The Economy: Tourism provides over half of GDP. Banking: transparency has improved. Lower tax rates than Italy. Wine, cheese, olive oil, textiles, and ceramics are exported. Also relies on Italian subsidy and infrastructure.

 Insight: Sales of postage stamps and coins contribute around 10% of the national income


 Official Name: Republic of San Marino

 Date Of Formation: 1631

 Capital: San Marino

 Population: 31,400

 Total Area: 23.6 sq. miles (61 sq. km)

 Density: 1308 people per sq. mile

 Languages: Italian

 Religions: Roman Catholic 93%, other and nonreligious 7%

 Ethnic Mix: Sammarinese 88%, Italian 10%, other 2%

 Government: Parliamentary system

 Currency: Euro = 100 cents

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