suoıʇɐʇS uƃıǝɹoℲ


Just a thought

It takes courage to begin a QSO with a foreign station, and to face the possibility of not  being understood. But remember, it is not about the failure of your attempt to communicate. Your first step gives the dialogue an opportunity to break through the barriers. Find different ways to express what you wish to say, and a foreign subscriber will become your guide through this process. They, like most of us, are “working” hard for; and towards rewards/certificates.

As was suggested and rumour has it, the *Russian Federation may become a “Reward/Certificate” all on its own; as the United States of America and Canada are.

Imagine the frustration of a foreign station yearning for a contact and the prized QSL Card as confirmation from your station …… I cringe of just the thought if the shoe was on the other foot. Now; imagine his/her delight and happiness when he receives that well “earned”  illusive QSL Card………After all, we are all virtual family and Ambassadors of this  wonderful HamSphere© programme and hobby.

We, as experienced “Hammies” are experts in our discourse. Happy DX-ing !

73’s to all. 44-HS-949 – André

*Example country only.



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2 Responses to suoıʇɐʇS uƃıǝɹoℲ

  1. Thats easy, down under we stand on our heads, and have no problems with suoıʇɐʇS uƃıǝɹoℲ

    73 Andre VK7AE

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