Welcome to 44-HS-949 Blog - Red When I decided to begin a Blog and begin posting, the premise was simple: — “It’s your Blog — be yourself”. My aim is to entertain or perhaps to educate a little. And what could be more satisfying than to use a few hours a day to experience the joys of “Amatuer Radio”

I took an early vested retirement at the age of 45. (That was a couple of years ago). In my profession, you don’t have to retire at 65 anyway. I’m privileged.

At first it was euphoric having so much free time that I’ve never had before. Then I went through a stage of: “What do I do now ? What’s my purpose ?” – bit angry at myself for feeling that way. I then recalled when I was young, there was a gentleman who enjoyed the hobby known as “Ham-Radio”. Now I am enjoying my retirement.  For as long as I live I expect my list of QSL Cards to be a work in progress, and it will always give me something to strive for while I make friends all over the World.


Update - Red - Morse Code

For those posting comments: “It’s my Blog”. That means only I get to be a dick. If you are not going to be civil and try to attack me or the others in the comments, your comment won’t get approved. If you do that, I will probably change your comment to make you look like an asshole and then approve it. If you really want to be a dick, get your own Blog, be a dick over there ………….

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Yagi Element

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This Blog is a Work in Progress, it may still change, perhaps profoundly. Please feel free to post your tips, stories or add suggestions or corrections, in the “Comment box.” 

Also, Feel free to express yourself but keep an open mind toward adding value  You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

Thank You - WC

Thank You

Yagi Element

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