KF7URM – Ron

QSL- Received261

Lake Oswego, Oregon


The state of Oregon contains a two sided flag that was adopted on February 26, 1925.  The flag contains a blue colour with the shield that appears on the state seal in gold and on the other side there is a depiction a gold beaver.  The shield is surrounded by thirty three stars symbolizing Oregon as the 33rd state admitted into the United States.  Above the shield is the words “State Of Oregon” written at the top and on the bottom the year 1859 which was the year when it became a state.  On the reverse side the gold beaver is depicted because it is the state animal.


The nickname for Oregon is The Beaver State, originating in the early 19th century when fur hats were fashionable and Oregon’s streams were an important source of beaver pelts. The trapping routes used by early “mountain men” later became known as The Oregon Trail, travelled by thousands of pioneers in the 1840’s. The beaver is also Oregon’s official state animal and appears on the state flag.

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